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Daring stunts, wild festivals, hot bartenders: you'll never be short of a good story with Jägermeister! Read all about the crazy stuff your favourite drink has been up to.

Bernd´s Jägermeister Treasures

Jägermeister Originals

Bernd´s Jägermeister Treasures

Bernd has collected Jägermeister items for 15 years and owns some of the most bizarre objects in the brand´s history. Check out the videos!
Bartricks with Jägermeister - Israel

Jägermeister Magic

Magical Bartricks with Jägermeister - Israel

The Night Meister Express - Italy


The Night Meister Express - Italy

We Never Freeze Campaign - South Korea


South Korea: We Never Freeze

Cooking with Jägermeister

Special - feat. Glamour of the Kill

Cooking with Jägermeister 1

In 2014, a new TV star is born...

New commercial

In 2014, a new TV star is born...

The ice ball (Czech Republic)

Stunt (Czech Republic)

The ice ball: a message from Planet Jägermeister?

Cycling across an abandoned military base near Prague one fine July day,
a photographer came across something quite unexpected: a huge sphere of ice.
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